At last, No. 11 identified!

After two weeks of trying to identify the South Side Junior High School basketball team from the mid-1950s, we have our last identification: No. 11 is Robert Clark. That information is courtesy of Helen Dehner, who was a classmate of his at the former junior high school. The other players, all pictured in a Nov. 23 Out of the Archives feature, were identified by Bob McFate and Bob Fry, both OCHS graduates.

Hats off to Leah

The Venango Chamber of Commerce's selection of Leah Gesing as Citizen of the Year is a great choice. While we can only scrutinize what were media contacts with Leah, those reporters who dealt with her over the years on numerous public service projects were struck by her grace and kindness. Plus, she is a heckuva worker. Congratulations, Leah.

A late Indian Summer?

One staffer noticed two robins on West First Street this past Friday afternoon; temperatures on Sunday were in the low 60s; and forsythia was in bloom on Allegheny Avenue in Oil City. One wonders if we received our Indian Summer in December this year?

Go ahead - get generous

There are a lot of toy collections out there this holiday season. Community Services, Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, In the Nick of Time and many more are in need of new toys or cash donations to help local families. Pick one, pick two - simply step up and help out. It's not too late to share the true meaning of the season.

A boy's humble Christmas request

Various news outlets have reported on the sad story of a 14-year-old Reynoldsville boy who only has weeks to live. According to the Centre Daily Times, Maddox Hyde, a DuBois Area Middle School student, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancerous tumor that starts in the central nervous system and then spreads. His school has held fundraisers and a nonprofit helped him realize his dream of traveling to Hawaii. Now, by Maddox's request, he wishes to receive Christmas cards, and he has gotten them from so many people who have heard about his story. According to KDKA-TV's website, Maddox has received so many Christmas cards that they are now being strung from the ceiling of his home. Maddox is doing all he can to keep himself in good spirits. "I stayed strong, I stayed positive," he told KDKA. "Keep a positive mind and have all the family and friends around you to care." And, this year, a simple gesture as sending a Christmas card could have more significance than ever. Christmas cards can be sent to Maddox Hyde, 333 Ohio St., Reynoldsville, PA 15851.

So that's how it got its name

A staffer was reading a book about the 1889 Johnstown flood when a reference caught the eye - hogback. The hills around the city and waterways were referred to as hogbacks. Looking it up, the geological reference to "hogback" or "hog's back" is a long and narrow ridge that straddles a series of hills, each with similar slopes. OK, Oil City. Riddle solved, maybe, for its own Hogback Hill overlooking Main Street.