Out of the Archives: 1934 parade celebrated oil anniversary

The Diamond Jubilee of Oil celebration in Titusville was topped off with a five-mile-long, all-day parade in and around the downtown.

Titusville, home to the birth of the oil industry, threw a big celebration in 1934 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Oil.

This Aug. 25, 1934, photograph shows the downtown parade saluting Col. Edwin L. Drake's successful completion in 1859 of his shallow oil well. The well launched the commercial oil industry.

The four-day jubilee attracted thousands of people from all over the nation to the Titusville area.

In the 1934 parade, large crowds lined the five-mile long route.

One of the parade's four divisions was comprised of all Oil City units, led by the James M. Henderson American Legion Post band and a group of seven equestrian riders who were riding blue and white decorated horses.

Chosen best float among several dozen entries was one constructed by Keystone Oil Co., a subsidiary of United Refining Co.

Prominent in this parade photo, part of The Derrick archives, is a Quaker State Oil Co. cat-festooned float that boasted "over two million motors are purring with Quaker State."

Behind it are floats sponsored by the City of Oil City and Wolf's Head Refining Co.