SHIPPENVILLE The portal at the Clarion County Jail will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

The portal is a public access site that contains a mug shot of inmates at the jail and a brief profile of case information of current inmates.

The portal was closed due to the result of a jury trial in Bucks County.

Speaking at the Clarion County Jail Inspection Board meeting Thursday, county commissioner Ted Tharan said a federal jury had found in favor of a former inmate who alleged the county had violated his rights when his case history was posted on the Bucks County portal.

The inmate filed the suit in 2013 when he learned his information was still posted 10 years after his record was expunged. A class action suit was filed on behalf of 67,000 people who were incarcerated in Bucks County from 1938 to 2013.

Tharan said every person in the class action suit was awarded $1,000. He said the total payout could reach $67 million.

Bucks County is appealing the jury's decision.

Clarion commissioner Wayne Brosius said the same program used by Bucks County is used in Clarion County. Clarion County took the program off-line May 29.

Brosius said the county decided to take the inmate lookup program off-line after consulting with its solicitor.

Meanwhile, there was some good news released at the jail board meeting Thursday.

A letter from Christopher Oppman, deputy secretary of Administration with the Department of Corrections, noted the jail had attained full compliance during the 2019 inspection period.

Attaining full compliance means the county jail won't be subject to an inspection for one year.