The following deeds have been filed at the Venango County Courthouse. Sale prices are listed except in the case of nominal amounts such as $1.

Ellen Gierlach Extrx/Est, Allen Bruce Taylor, Sr., Estate, AKA Bruce Taylor, Sr. Estate, AKA A. Bruce Taylor Estate AKA Taylor, A. Bruce Estate, Ellen Gierlach Tst, Jane Kelley Taylor Hall Tst, Don Fillman Tst, Allen Bruce Taylor Sr. Irrev. Grantor Personal Real Estate Trust, Taylor, Allen Bruce Irrev. Grantor Person Real Estate Trust to Roy. H. Miller and Georgann Miller, Sandycreek Township.

Fhonda J. Crivelli to Allen R. Sharer Jr. and Suzanne D. Sharrer, City of Franklin, $127,500.

William H. Straub to Sydney A. Solomon and Patricia A. Solomon, Sandycreek Township, Sandycreek Township, $275,000.

Ann L. Tingue to Allan K. Smith and Donna J. Smith, Cranberry Township, $34,000.

Erika E. Greenlee to Kyle A. Nulph and Kayli L. Nulph, Sugarcreek Borough.

Tina L. Gilpin to Richard J. Robinson, Cranberry Township, $18,000.

Beverly R. Eckelbarger AKA Beverly Faye Eckelbarger to Frederick W. Hays and Carla M. Hays, Richland Township.

Jeffrey Lee Extr/Est, Clarence S. Lee Estate to Jeffrey Lee and Samuel Lee, Pinegrove Township.

Venango County Land Bank to Oil City Housing Authority, City of Oil City.

Venango County Land Bank to Franklin, City of Franklin.

Venango County Land Bank to Oil City, City of Oil City.

Robert W. Muse and Nancy L. Muse to Robert A. Muse and Kristin E. Clapsaddle, Sandcreek Township.

Shannon M. Oliver Extrx/Est, Alice M. Paup Estate AKA Paup, Alice Estate to Deborah S. Paup, Cranberry Township,

Phillip M. Panaia and Joanne P. Panaia to Rodney A. Bedow Sr., Sugarcreek Borough, $38,000.

Erma J. Pacior Estate AKA, Erma Jean Paciorkiewicz Estate, Lynn Pacior Malys Admr CTA/Est and Pacior Malys, Lynn Admr CTA/Est to Robert F. Andres, Jr. and Amanda M. Andres, Cornplanter Township, $48,500.

John C. Durney and Mareeta A. Durney to Richard E. Austin, II, City of Oil City.

Robert E. Billingsley Declaration of Trust and Billingsley Robert E. Declaration of Trust to Robert E. Billingsley Jr., Kevin Arnold Billingsley and Lisa Kay Lepping, Frenchcreek Borough.

Crawford Land Holdings, LLC to Randy T. McCauley and Melody McCauley, Sugarcreek Borough, $19,500.

James R. O'Neil and Linda E. O'Neil to Samuel Mabuqu Jr. and Heather R. Mabuqu, City of Oil City, $8,000.

Leo David Callahan to Timothy L. Stearns, Cornplanter Township, $10,000.

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. by Atty/Fact and Carrington Mortgage Services LLC Atty/Fact to Brian D. Semian, City of Oil City, $16,800.

Thomas S. Eakin and Betty S. Eakin to Brian T. Smith and Autumn K. Smith, City of Franklin, $103,000.

Sandra Ritchey, formerly Sandra Kinch to Sandra Ritchey and Dennis Ritchey, Frenchcreek Township.