An 11-year-old Oil City boy who was injured last month while riding his bicycle in Reno is home and recovering remarkably well, family members say.

Tanner Stull came home from Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh on July 4, his mother, Kristen Stull, said.

"He's amazing. Doctors can't believe how well he is doing and how fast he is recovering." she said.

She added that the bleeding on his brain has gone down and he is happy to be home.

"Tanner is only 11 but he is handling it (the accident and his injuries) like an adult," Kristen Stull said.

Tanner broke his leg and several ribs in the June 23 traffic accident at the intersection of Walnut and Third streets in Reno. He also suffered a head injury, his grandfather, Mark Baughman, said.

Tanner won't be able to put any weight on his right leg for four to six weeks, Kristen Stull said. She added that he is also still dealing with pain in his leg and from broken ribs.

"He is strong. He refuses to take his pain medications because he doesn't like how they make him feel," his mother said.

Tanner is in speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy several times a week in Seneca and Franklin and must travel to Pittsburgh two or three times a month for follow-up medical visits, Kristen Stull said.

She said it has been a lot to handle and they have a long road ahead, but on the whole Tanner is doing well.

A Facebook fund-raiser the family set up with the goal of raising $1,000 to help cover medical expenses raised more than $8,000 before the family stopped the fund-raiser, Kristen Stull said.

Many people in the community have sent Tanner gifts and cards, she said.

She also said McIntyre Landscaping of Oil City offered to mow the family's grass for free after hearing about Tanner's accident.

"I can't believe the love and support we have received from the community," Kristen Stull said.