'Unconfirmed tornado' reported

High winds in Parker around 6:30 p.m. Sunday knocked down several trees and utility poles near the old Catholic church. (By Jim Meyer)

Damage stemming from severe weather throughout the area Sunday afternoon was concentrated in the Parker and Rimersburg areas after a tornado possibly touched down there, Pittsburgh National Weather Service said.

"It's an unconfirmed tornado at this time, but we'll be sending some guys up tomorrow to investigate," a weather service representative said Sunday night.

While severe weather was reported in Venango, Clarion, Mercer and Forest counties as well, most of the damage remained in the Parker and Rimersburg areas, local dispatchers said, with only a few trees and minor flooding reported in Venango County and minor wind damage reported in Clarion County.

"We did have a warning out (before the storm hit); if you draw a line between Parker and Rimersburg that's where we thought it was going to go," the NWS representative said.

The storm did follow the projected path, NWS said, with a few exceptions as it "bounced around" and died just before reaching Rimersburg.

A Clarion County 911 dispatcher said the area did have reports of large trees and wires down in the area of Parker; the NWS representative confirmed this and added the damage he had heard was mostly of farm buildings.

As of 8:37 p.m. FirstEnergy, the parent company of Penelec, reported a total of 69 outages in Armstrong County with 14 being in Parker and 50 in Redbank Township. An additional 137 outages were reported in Mercer County and 79 in Forest County. There were no outages in Venango County and less than five were recorded in Clarion County.

At the same time, Central Electric Cooperative reported no outages in the area.