HARRISBURG (AP) - The notion of banning fracking is dividing the Democrats running for president and increasingly dividing Democrats in the presidential battleground state of Pennsylvania, where fracking has vaulted it to the No. 2 natural gas producer behind Texas.

HARRISBURG (AP) - Lower prices for natural gas last year will mean a 21% drop in drilling fee revenue for Pennsylvania's state programs and county and municipal governments even as production grew from exploration in the vast Marcellus Shale reservoir, according to new state estimates.

More than $2.3 million in impact fees paid by Marcellus Shale drilling companies will benefit residents of the 63rd state House District, either through direct disbursements to municipalities or to the counties at large, said state Rep. Donna Oberlander.

The last few years have drawn much chatter about the $6 billion ethane cracker plant, now under construction in Beaver County, and its potential repercussions for the area economy.

The shale revolution is underway and it may have the power to revitalize the entire region, according to Lance Hummer, executive director of the Keystone Community Education Council.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A company that processes and transports natural gas and natural gas liquids in Ohio's and Pennsylvania's shale fields is agreeing to pay $610,000 to settle complaints by Pennsylvania and the federal government that it was violating air pollution laws.

HARRISBURG (AP) — Pennsylvania regulators said Thursday that Sunoco has agreed to a $12.6 million fine over problems with a massive natural gas pipeline project, but work will resume under a consent agreement.

DURHAM, N.C. - More than seven years after Pennsylvania officials requested the disposal of radium-laden fracking wastewater into surface waters be restricted, a new Duke University study finds that high levels of radioactivity persist in stream sediments at three disposal sites, including o…

HARRISBURG (AP) - A decade after energy companies began realizing the explosive economic potential of the vast Marcellus Shale natural gas reservoir, the politics of taxing it still roils Pennsylvania, now the nation's No. 2 gas state.

HARRISBURG (AP) - Pennsylvania's moribund drilling industry, which has struggled with persistently low prices and a dearth of infrastructure to get its product to market, is showing signs of life.

HARRISBURG (AP) - As Pennsylvania's governor touts the potential for billions of dollars in new investment by petrochemical manufacturers, his environmental agency is struggling to process applications to drill the natural gas wells that will be needed to supply the fledgling industry.

Experts are hinging their bets on the upcoming Shell cracker plant in Beaver County having a major economic and entrepreneurial impact on northwest Pennsylvania as it goes into construction.

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Hub Taskforce plans to host leaders of industry, economic development and education from Louisiana at their meeting Wednesday, March 8 at Cross Creek Resort in Titusville.

MONACA (AP) - Supervisors of a western Pennsylvania township have granted a conditional use permit for a $6 billion petrochemical, or ethane cracker, plant proposed by Shell Chemicals.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Is hydraulic fracturing - better known as fracking - safe, as the oil and gas industry claims? Or does the controversial drilling technique that has spurred a domestic energy boom contaminate drinking water, as environmental groups and other critics charge?

When Shell Chemical Appalachia announced in June its plans to construct a multi-billion dollar petrochemical plant in Beaver County, people might not have been aware of its potential impact on local industries.

CUSHING, Okla. (AP) — A magnitude 5.0 earthquake centered near one of the world's key oil hubs brought down building facades and shattered windows in a central Oklahoma city, rendering century-old buildings unsafe and raising concerns about key infrastructure.

HARRISBURG (AP) - The natural gas industry in Pennsylvania is challenging new state regulations that govern surface development of shale gas wells, saying they threaten jobs and investment by adding up to $2 million to the cost of drilling a well.

HARRISBURG (AP) — Pennsylvania's highest court on Wednesday blocked industry-friendly provisions of a major 2012 state law designed to modernize natural gas drilling regulations, the latest in a string of court decisions striking down key portions of the law.

A new federal rule barring waste fluids out of shale oil and gas operations from being sent to public sewage plants for treatment and disposal might have inadvertently swept up Pennsylvania’s traditional oil and gas industry’s wastewater as well.

CANONSBURG, Pa. (AP) — Despite continued weakness for energy prices, Consol Energy reported narrowing losses in the second quarter and said Tuesday that it would put two drill rigs located in the shale plays of the Northeast back into action this year.

Pennsylvania’s total impact fee collections from shale gas wells are expected to fall again next year amid continued low prices and scant new drilling, according to projections released Thursday by the state Independent Fiscal Office.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania environmental regulators are not pursuing an $8.9 million fine against a Texas-based energy company previously accused of repeatedly failing to repair a natural-gas well that contaminated groundwater and a stream.

After several quarters of talking about budget cuts and laying down drilling rigs, antsy oil and gas analysts are looking forward to some excitement. How quickly can companies ramp up in response to better commodity prices, they wonder.