A man and woman from Oil City are facing charges after being accused of causing a ruckus and hitting a police officer in the emergency room of UPMC Northwest on Sept. 5.

At about 5:45 p.m., Sharon Pascorell, 41, and John Quick, 58, came to the hospital's emergency room entrance, where a UPMC police officer asked them to go through a metal detector and searched a pink backpack belonging to Pascorell, according to a criminal complaint filed by UPMC police.

In the backpack the officer found marijuana, crystal meth and drug paraphernalia, the complaint said.

When the officer asked Pascorell about the items, she "immediately became agitated" and began yelling at him that she was not a drug addict, the complaint said.

Quick then yelled he didn't know where the drugs came from, according to the complaint.

The officer asked Quick and Pascorell to have a seat, remain calm and wait for a nurse to attend them, the complaint said.

Pascorell and Quick continued to loudly use vulgar language and come over to the metal detector in several attempts to retrieve Pascorell's belongings, the complaint said.

After the officer repeatedly told Quick and Pascorell to sit and be quiet, they continued to yell and use vulgar language in the waiting room, and the officer told them they were under arrest for disorderly conduct, the complaint said.

Quick told the officer they were going to immediately see a doctor; then he and Pascorell went toward the entrance to the emergency department, but the officer blocked their access to the door, the complaint said.

Quick began to push the officer, who told Quick he was under arrest, the complaint said.

While Quick was resisting arrest, Pascorell placed herself between Quick and the officer, according to the complaint.

The officer ordered Pascorell to move from in front of him and she refused, the complaint said.

"The situation escalated and began to put other patients and staff in danger," the complaint said.

At that point, the officer drew his stun gun and Pascorell placed herself between the officer and Quick, so the officer pushed her out of the way, according to the criminal complaint.

Pascorell immediately stood up and with a closed fist struck the officer in the back of the head, the complaint said.

During the altercation, Quick grabbed the handle of the officer's firearm and at that time the officer deployed his stun gun, the complaint said.

At that point, Quick was taken into custody and then taken to the emergency room for treatment, the complaint said.

While Quick was being arrested, Pascorell began running toward the parking lot, where she was caught and taken into custody by two UPMC officers, the complaint said.

After her arrest, Pascorell said, "I am sorry for how I behaved but I am not a drug addict," according to the complaint.

Pascorell and Quick were each charged with a felony count of aggravated assault- attempts to cause or causes serious bodily injury to designated individuals as well as misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest/other law enforcement, possession of a controlled substance, marijuana-small amount personal use, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, simple assault and disorderly conduct engaging in fighting.

In addition, Pascorell has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of obstructing administration of law/ other government function.

Pascorell's arraignment is scheduled for today at 11:30 a.m. before District Judge Patrick Lowrey.

Her preliminary hearing is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 23 before Lowrey.

No information about Quick's arraignment or preliminary hearing was available Monday.


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